Episode 82. It’s Pleading(and Donating) Season

In this episode: Podcast are turning into radio for better or worse. Turns out science says women’s eggs don’t rot after 35.

            Ends August 16, 2014 

           July 20, 2014 at 7pm-9pm EST on Spreecast.  

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Episode 80. Fine Indeed

In this episode: My day got good after I started podcasting. My Indiegogo campaign is about to pop off. I did 2 raps for John and a PSA about literal douche bags. Don’t use ‘em, ask your Gyn.

Amber P’s Birthday Bonanza, July 20, 2014 at 7pm-9pm EST LIVE on Spreecast.  

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Black Chick Watching: Belle

What is Black Chick Watching?
A  black chick(me) watching black chicks in the arts, media and beyond.  Not timely or topical, not always thorough but always personal. 

In this episode: I rate the movie “Belle”.

  • “Say no to an asshole” Chonilla.com podcast
  • “Say no if you’re an asshole” Amber P.
  • Mentioned - Jackie Brown(Movie) starring the sexy Pam Grier

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