Since 2012 audiences have been delving into the mind of Amber, a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.  After a short voluntary stay in what she affectionately calls “The Bin” short for the loony bin (a psychiatric hospital), she started a podcast. This was a place to speak without doctors, nurses and therapist, a safe place to talk about any and every topic that was on her mind, where only like-minded people would come to enjoy.

As a speaker with NAMI, (National Alliance on Mental Illness) she talks candidly about living with bipolar disorder. 

She has been a featured storyteller with MassMouth and has done Stand-up comedy in the Naked Comedy Showcase. 

To date she has produced and performed four one-woman theater productions.

She sauntered onto the scene in 2005 as an exotic dance student.  Within weeks she was asked to teach and for two years thereafter taught classes in striptease and exotic dance. Later she auditioned for and got into a Burlesque troupe and became Honey Suckle Duvet Burlesque performer extraordinaire. The winner of "Most Beautiful" award at the Greater Boston Burlesque Expo in 2009,  Honey traveled throughout the Northeast doing dance performances and teaching, and was a featured dancer in the 2008 and 2009 in the runaway hit "The Slutcracker" a parody of the Nutcracker. She went on to use Burlesque as her vehicle to help women of all sizes and backgrounds learn how to feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies and freer with their sexuality.

Here Geekery is steeped mostly in Sci-fi TV favoring Doctor Who and it’s spin offs but don’t get her started on the Steven Moffat years… it’s a whole thing.


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