Friendly Feedback

    I told three friends about my intro podcast and sent them a link to listen to it.  I got two responses with feedback.  One friend only made it halfway through and thought it was “mellow”.  It’s only 10:20 long so that sounds to me like she thinks it’s boring and not worth finishing.  Is that projecting on my part?  Affirmative readers it is.  The second friend thought it was great that I put myself out there and then gave me 3 points about what was wrong with the sound.  That is when I knew it was time to get to the third person before they felt like putting in their two cents.  

This is the e-mail that I sent him before he got around to hearing the episode.

“I am so happy that I did my podcast and that it's out there I am getting ready for the next episode and the bonus episode.  I like to share the fact that I am happy with my friends BUT since I have shared the episode with two friends I have gotten feedback...I don't want feedback of any kind at all I don't want it to sound better or be more interesting. I want it to be what it is because it is therapeutic and fun.
    I am not going to tell my family or other friends about  it and I am not actively looking for listeners and I will NOT be offended if you don't listen because my target demo is basically me.  So yeah I wanted to get that out there.
    The next episode will have the same shoddy sound and be as boring and I am cool with that. It's like if you smell bad you hang around people with the sniffles and they love what you bring. My friends and family have a keen sense of smell if we go with that analogy and I have not showered so I want to do a podcast for people who like the unshowered or don't have a sense of smell. Wow that analogy might has gotten away from me but there you have it.”