Fantasy of the Festival Fringe

One of the most magical places I have been is Edinburgh, Scotland during the Festival Fringe.  There is some kind of performance in every nook and cranny.  I have been once and only for one day.  I was on holiday in London, hopped on a train to Glasgow because there was no room for me in the inn in Edinburgh. After dropping off my stuff it was another train ride to the Fridge.  I saw a couple of shows that night then I had the choice to take the last train to Glasgow spend the night in my hotel and then come back in the morning or stay and get two more shows in but have to stay the whole night wondering the streets all night.  It was an easy choice. I stayed, saw two more comedy shows.  I got to go on stage for one of them and was made fun of for being American.  Later I went to a club where I met a young Polish guy that took me on a tour all night.   That is not a euphemism (He didn't make a move which bruised my ego)  he literally stayed up all night with me and we walked around the city.  He told me how much he wanted to live in America and how much he loved black people, our music and culture.  He took me to the top of a hill and we watched the sunrise over Edinburgh, it was beautiful. 

 I would love to get immersed in that festival and see all there is to see.  My real dream is not just to attend but to bring a show to Edinburgh and actually tread the boards there.  I have "perform in a castle" on my bucket list and that is very doable there.  One day I will trip the light fantastic in that hilly city covered with castles, art and artist in late summer for citizens of this my home planet Earth.

Photos of my trip to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2006.

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