Doctor Who? More like Doctor Whatever

I have given this some serious* thought and come to the conclusion that I am no longer going to watch Doctor Who.   I don't even care about spoilers anymore. I heard that there was something sad happening to someone next season and I realized I could not careless.  I can't suffer through it just to be a completist.  I have not smiled or been invested in this franchise in 2 years.  It's not a bad show now but it's not MY Who.  I have loved five of the doctors(1,3, 4, 9, 10) and like two(2,7) and I bet I would like the others but have not seen a lot of their work. Combined that's a lot of different writers, directors and producers covering nearly 50 years (on and off) so it's not like I am only looking for one thing in the show.  I like change, I liked Torchwood (seasons 1 & 2) and Sarah Jane Adventures I was cool with both Eccleston and Tennant.  They could not be more different from each other or the old series but I loved them both.   I got people into the new series and recommended where to start in the old one.  All that said to show I am not picky…but there is something missing for me.

Someone wake me when someone from the the pre Moffat/Smith years (NOT RIVER SONG) has a cameo or they do a reboot or something.

*I get it, some people don't have running water so this is not an actual serious matter…whatever fuck off it's my thing.