Episode 7. Podcasting Playwright Practicing Safer Sex

In this episode:
A “Safe(r) Sex” Conversation
STIs are usually spread between partners who have no symptoms of infection.
. 1)  Have you ever had any STIs? 
. 2)  Share the date and results of your most recent tests for any STIs. 
. 3)  How many partners have you had since your last examination or test for STIs? 
. 4)  Have you ever had unprotected sex? 
. 5)  Discuss protection.  What will we use? 
. 6)  Discuss contraception.  If pregnancy occurs, what will we do about it? 
. 7)  Discuss your sexual likes and dislikes, including asking for what you want and for what   your partner (or partners) wants. 
. 8)  Make clear agreements about what you want.