Episode 32. F**k You, Now Help Me

In this episode: I am jealous of everyone about everything.  I berate everyone then ask everyone for help finding ideas for a good career path.  I give everyone the option to see a little or a lot of me.

  • On the About Page of the website you can find Black, Sexy(on the tame side), Geeky, and Mental photo albums. 
  • For those who expressly want sexy pictures of Amber P replace the word about with the word suckle in the following website. http://www.blacksexygeekyandmental.com/about/
  • I need ideas on the types of awesome careers I should look into
  • Black Girls Talking is a podcast by some other ladies that also look out for black people in media - 

Get a FREE audiobook of your choice from Audible: http://www.audibletrial.com/bsgm - Audiobook recommendation: White Teeth By Zadie Smith