Episode 103. Dookie Is In The Montage

In this episode: I did a talk on Mental Health and was told it was my calling.  My chance to strip at a strip club is about to pass.  Only 2 years till I have to fully support myself with my business venture. I threaten to bring back the sexy page to my website.  Second half of the show is recored while I have the flu. Nervous/excited about bringing back a one woman show. I’m out of stories to tell about my life.  I geek out about TV series finales.  Finally going to be on other podcasts again.  Will I be on yours? Steve Harvey has some pretty backwards views. At the very very end (so you can skip just the very end when I warn you) I talk about the very end of the show The Wire. The character’s name is Namond that I keep calling Nathan.

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